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Is it an interruption? Or is it God?

  • Is it an interruption? I live in in a world where I see much of what happens as an interruption. Why do I think that way? I have a plan. That is plain and simple.
  • Whose plan is it? I have plans for my time. Life is scheduled out very precisely. It is clearly my plan and not God’s. I didn’t even ask him much less listen.
  • An “interruption” comes. But is it? God has a goal for me. I need to be focused on what Jesus wants me to do right now. Forget the plan, God has action he wants me to take today.
  • What if it is God wanting me to show His love to an employee in need? What if God wants us to spend some time with our family? What if God wants us to give some money to the homeless person?

Have I been too focused on the PLAN and not the PLANNER Jesus?

Different question with an amazingly different answer.

May God help me see Him in the moment.