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My dad was a very wise man.

  • My dad always said it is easier to tell the truth than to lie. His logic was that a liar has to remember who he said what to and that is tough to do. Eventually you will get caught. He had a point. He was a wise man.
  • We can choose a hard life where we completely miss God’s goal for our life. It is in fact an evil life. It is a hard life. If is not the life God has in mind for us.
  • The easiest life to live is the right life, the moral life. God gives us the power as a part of His new plan for us. Jesus shows us the way. God’s goal for us is that we are pure, just like Jesus is pure. We are to be holy.
  • What is God’s goal for me? Jesus challenges me to live a moral life. Anything else is an evil life. It is easier to live the moral life. It is uncomplicated and very simple in its approach. My goal is to love. That is it!

“Moral character makes for smooth traveling; an evil life is a hard life.” ~~King Solomon (Proverbs 11:5)