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Jesus is very focused on what brings about miracles. Jesus knows a thing or two about that. Miracles are his everyday life.

What impresses Jesus? It is always bold belief.

What does Jesus do as a result? First Jesus forgives the paraplegic. This drive the religious leaders nuts. Then he heals the man. The paraplegic gets up and walks. This drives the crowd into amazement.

Jesus is in control. He has the authority to forgive and he does. He has the authority to heal and he does. Nothing is impossible in the world that Jesus is in charge of. His God is God.

 Back in the boat, Jesus and the disciples recrossed the sea to Jesus’ hometown. They were hardly out of the boat when some men carried a paraplegic on a stretcher and set him down in front of them. Jesus, impressed by their bold belief, said to the paraplegic, “Cheer up, son. I forgive your sins.”

Some religion scholars whispered, “Why, that’s blasphemy!”

Jesus knew what they were thinking, and said, “Why this gossipy whispering? Which do you think is simpler: to say, ‘I forgive your sins,’ or, ‘Get up and walk’? Well, just so it’s clear that I’m the Son of Man and authorized to do either, or both. . . .” At this he turned to the paraplegic and said, “Get up. Take your bed and go home.” And the man did it. The crowd was awestruck, amazed and pleased that God had authorized Jesus to work among them this way.

Source: Matthew 9:1-6

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