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Jesus is not afraid to confront evil. Jesus does it time and time again. Jesus knows there is evil and an evil one.

Evil and the Evil One know who Jesus is. They know he has the authority of God. God is God and evil has not nor will not win out. God is in control. Jesus has won the victory.

Evil tries to bargain with Jesus. Jesus knows to confront evil personally, by name.

Evil obeys Jesus commands.  There is no other choice.

Jesus has given us authority over evil and the evil one.

Now that is some very good news.

When he saw Jesus a long way off, he ran and bowed in worship before him—then bellowed in protest, “What business do you have, Jesus, Son of the High God, messing with me? I swear to God, don’t give me a hard time!” (Jesus had just commanded the tormenting evil spirit, “Out! Get out of the man!”)

Jesus asked him, “Tell me your name.”

He replied, “My name is Mob. I’m a rioting mob.” Then he desperately begged Jesus not to banish them from the country.

Source: Mark 5:6-10

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