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I live and work in a world where authority comes from a vote or an appointment. I see, every day, titles of people who have been “hired” or appointed to do something.

Is that where my authority comes from? No, my authority, if I have any whatsoever, comes from God.

That is all there is to know. In God’s world (and that is the world I really live in), Jesus is in control. Jesus makes the appointments.

My authority comes from Jesus. That is all there is to it but it is way to easy to forget that. God is God. He, and He alone, gives authority to whom He chooses. It is not up to us.

I, Paul, and my companions in faith here, send greetings to the Galatian churches. My authority for writing to you does not come from any popular vote of the people, nor does it come through the appointment of some human higher-up. It comes directly from Jesus the Messiah and God the Father, who raised him from the dead.

Source: Galatians 1:1-5

Here are the key ideas:

  • Authority comes from God and not from anyone else.
  • Authority is rooted in the resurrection of Jesus and the power demonstrated by God in that act.
  • Elections and appointments don’t matter to God. He is in control, not us.