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God is not decrepit. That may not be obvious but it is the BIG reality. He has not forgotten how to help. He is always powerful. Nothing is impossible with Him at all. God is great.

God is actively looking for us. He is at the door and He is knocking. He is calling us and we don’t even hear the phone.

God is in a good mood. Sometimes it feels like He has forgotten me. That is my reality but it is not His reality.

God is not decrepit. He can do anything.

There it is and that is all there is to that.

So why didn’t anyone come when I knocked? Why didn’t anyone answer when I called? Do you think I’ve forgotten how to help? Am I so decrepit that I can’t deliver? I’m as powerful as ever, and can reverse what I once did: I can dry up the sea with a word, turn river water into desert sand, And leave the fish stinking in the sun, stranded on dry land . . . Turn all the lights out in the sky and pull down the curtain. 

Source: Isaiah 50

Here are the key ideas:

  • God is seeking us
  • God is all powerful
  • God wants us to answer and come to Him