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Great lesson on obedience from Oneta Hayes. May I be as faithful as she is in hearing God’s voice on giving to the homeless and those in need.

Sweet aroma


“Ooh, she looks cold,” I thought as I drove past the girl sitting on the bus bench at La Quinta Motel.  “Yes,” I heard in my head, “Go back and give her your coat.”  I kept driving.  The words stuck.  I drove on about four blocks, then turned around.  “Okay, I’ll go back,” I might have sounded grouchy.  Now what?  “Give her your coat.”

What set up this situation I was in?  The morning had gone as usual.  Got ready for work.  Went to the closet, put on my coat for the day.  I chose my best coat.  I liked it because it was a pretty color, sort of champagne, with flared back and furry stuff around the neck and down the front.  Cost more than I generally paid for a coat so I didn’t wear it to work very often.

Off to work I go.  I want to have…

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