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Gregory of Nyssa

Jesus told we must be born again. Jesus did not suggest we be barren or be in labor forever.

Jesus is clear. We can’t see the Kingdom of God in our current state. We must die to ourselves and be raised to new life.

Our current focus of our educational system leads us astray. It gives us false hope of wisdom and knowledge.

Jesus will not have any of that.

The wisdom of this world is barren. It will never lead to life in Jesus. We must declare it for what it is.

“For truly barren is profane education, which is always in labor but never gives birth. For what fruit worthy of such pangs does philosophy show for being so long in labor? Do not all who are full of wind and never come to term miscarry before they come to the light of the knowledge of God, although they could as well become men if they were not altogether hidden in the womb of barren wisdom?”

– Gregory of Nyssa, in The Life of Moses