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Image result for fearSometimes my worst fears come true. It really was cancer. I did go broke. I was homeless and living in my car. My wife did divorce me. I was fired from several jobs. I feared all of these things. They did happen. There is a longer list but I won’t go into it.

Most of the time my fears don’t materialize. My family loves me and supports me. I’ve had work most of my life. The cancer didn’t kill me. I haven’t lost my house and have a place to live. I am not hungry. I have plenty of clothes to wear. I got up this morning and live to tell the story. Jesus hasn’t ever abandoned me. This list is much longer than the one of fears that have happened.

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It is a stunning day in paradise. That isn’t a fear but it is reality.

God is in a good mood and shows me His love through it all. Always. Never fails. Completely trustworthy.

God hasn’t given me a spirit of fear. Jesus gives me power. Jesus gives me love. Jesus gives me discipline to persevere.

Now that is worth a happy dance! As my friend Fred would say:

Yabba Dabba Doo!