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God is God

God is in a good mood but God is God. As humans mistrust God, justice and judgement cries out for action. There is a consequence to mistrust and acts of wrongdoing and lying. As this behavior continues and accumulates, God will, as a matter of justice, deliver a verdict.

There is a reality that is very plain. It is the reality of God. God Is. Jesus Is. They are both the “great I am”. When I say reality, it is plain. It doesn’t have to “be proved”. It is known. Open eyes see it. Closed eyes don’t. The one who has ears to hear should listen to their heart and conscience.

Creation demands recognition of God. We have always been able to see it. It is plain. When you see creation, you see eternal power. In your inner being, you see it. When you see creation, you recognize the mystery of God’s divine being.

Because of this, no one really has a good excuse. I hear excuses, but they aren’t good ones. Prove to me God doesn’t exist.

God is God. God is. People know this but don’t treat Him like God. They refuse to worship Him. Literally refuse. That is stunning. This is silly and they are trivializing God. They are confusing themselves.

They have no direction in their lives. This a nihilistic world with the rejection of all understanding of God and His moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless. If that is what you believe, it is indeed meaningless.

The atheist trolls pretend to know it all, but are illiterate regarding life and God. They have traded the glory of God who holds the whole world in his hands for cheap philosophies you can find anywhere on the internet.