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Everett Wiley Wilson – WWII Veteran

My dad, Everett Wiley Wilson, was born on Independence Day (July 4) in 1919. This is a photo of him from WWII, defending our freedom.

God bless him, and men and women like him.

When dad was born on July 4, 1919, in Austell, Georgia, his father, Wiley, was 34 and his mother, Sarah, was 30. He married Dorothy Mae Frey, my mother,  on January 21, 1943, in Atlanta, Georgia.

They had three children during their marriage.

He died on May 15, 2009, in Lilburn, Georgia, at the age of 89.

Many of us were fortunate to be raised by a responsible, moral, conservative father —  imperfect though he may have been.  He scoffed when his children cried, “that’s not fair.”  He taught us work before play, the value of money, self-respect, right and wrong, and the limits of government and the power of personal…

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