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Picture45 years ago I had the privilege to learn how to hike from Rufus Morgan. He is known as the Modern Moses. As the song says, may I also  “be a preacher, I’ll be a teacher, a helper of mankind. I’ll be a walker, I’ll be a talker, I’ll keep the mountain people on my mind.”

I started going to the Inn of the Last Resort in 1973. The exact date I arrived for the first time was July 8, 1973. I owe my life to the program. I would return for two more summers to be on staff. Eventually I would be able to serve on the Board of Directors.

One of our highlights was to hike up Mt. LeConte. High atop Mt. LeConte in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, is LeConte Lodge. After our hike up, we would stay there. It is the highest guest lodge in the eastern United…

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