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This is very, very powerful.

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Christian Apologist

I came upon an article by Dorothy Cummings McLean from earlier this year in which a Catholic talk show host Patrick Coffin attempted to obtain a straightforward answer from psychology professor and rising internet star Jordan Peterson on his beliefs in a literal resurrection. The article may be accessed here: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/jordan-peterson-i-will-explain-my-position-on-the-historical-jesus-in-three. Peterson indicated he needs another three years to fully examine the historical nature of Jesus Christ.

“He stated that he understood the story of the Resurrection symbolically, but didn’t ‘know enough about it to say anything more than what I’ve said psychologically, and so I want to know more about it,’ he said, with emphasis” (McLean, 2018).

I can relate to Peterson, as I too was once a very weak Christian. Though I was raised a Catholic and began my life in Catholic schools with traditional beliefs, I gravitated for about two decades beginning in my mid-twenties towards…

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