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The godless have abandoned God. They have rejected God. I see it everywhere. You see it as well. It seems to be our daily news. I can’t escape knowing about it. It is deeply troubling. I am not thinking about evil which is another story. I am thinking about choices to reject God.

So where does this leave the rejectors in their standing with God? Tough question. What is God’s response to those who reject Him and His Son Jesus? What do you do with people who choose to live in a pigpen, smeared with filth, filthy inside and out?

Our Father is patiently and lovingly waiting even though they have traded our true God for a fake god. They are worshiping a god they have made instead of the God who made them. But our Father, having given us a choice, waits patiently for the ungodly to return home. God loves regardless of the rejection of His Son Jesus and the truth. God is love. That is just who He is.

We followers of Jesus worship our Father in heaven, the creator of life and all we know. We serve the King of all beauty and splendour. God is God. How it all turns out is up to Him. May I bless Him forever and ever. That is my job.