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This sad. It breaks God’s heart.

There are a lot of people who simply refuse to know God. Despite all the love and patience, they just refuse. They hear the good news of Jesus. They refuse to believe. God speaks to them … they don’t listen.

It is possible to live a life of ever increasing depravity. There is a spiral. Refusing to know God leads a spiral where rejection of God’s goals for us are the rule. It is a state of confusion. It is a fog. It is darkness. Wandering around not seeing clearly or at all.

When life and light is rejected, the alternative is death and darkness. Many are living there. We all see it every day.

It seems to start slowly but that is the destination. It is a journey over time. Slow and insidious.

They are empty of God. They are empty of love. They are godless and loveless.

God calls us all to speak the truth and present the opportunity of life in Jesus.

What is at stake? Eternity!