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I love the online world. It gives me tons of choices of translations. I’ve begun to use the Christian Standard Bible more but tend to rely on the ESV the most. Here is a great resource and overview. You may want to scan this for a quick background. This is their visual.

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This is from the CSB website and is a great explanation. I am an amateur Greek geek but not very fast at it. Translations do matter.

Source: Translation Philosophy – CSB


The CSB was created using Optimal Equivalence, a translation philosophy that pursues both linguistic precision to the original languages and readability in contemporary English.

In the many places throughout Scripture where a word-for-word rendering is clearly understandable, a literal translation is used. When a word-for-word rendering might obscure the meaning for a modern audience, a more dynamic translation is used. This process assures that both the words and thoughts contained in the original text are conveyed as accurately as possible for today’s readers.

On one hand, the CSB provides a highly accurate text for sermon preparation and serious study, translated from the biblical languages by scholars who love God’s Word. On the other hand, it doesn’t compromise readability and clarity for those who may be less familiar with the traditional (and sometimes difficult) vocabulary retained in some translations.

Research shows the CSB is both highly literal to the original languages and highly readable, achieving an optimal balance of the two.

The good news of the gospel and the truth of God’s Word are meant to be shared. A translation that strikes a balance between literal and readable opens the door for every believer to share the Bible not only with those who have read it for a lifetime, but also with those reading the Bible for the first time. Learn more about the quantitative evaluation of the Christian Standard Bible.


Some translations prioritize the form of the original text, while some prioritize its meaning in today’s language. The Christian Standard Bible resides in a mediating position on the continuum of Bible translations. You’ll find it to be highly trustworthy and deeply satisfying.

Bible translations shown in the top half of the chart are original translations directly from ancient languages to English. Versions shown below the line began with the English text of another Bible translation.

Source: Translation Philosophy – CSB