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God is good all the time

King David knows what it is like to be in some tough places. He spent much of his life in hiding as he went about securing Israel from its enemies.

David invites me to join him in spreading the good news about how good God is. This should be as natural to me as breathing. In comes the the Spirit of God, out comes my praise of His amazing love of all of us.

I live and breathe God; if things aren’t going well, hear this and be happy: join me in spreading the news; together let’s get the word out.” ~King David | Psalm 34:2-3 (The Message Bible)

How can I spread the good news?

  • Through praise of all the wonderful things Jesus does for me.
  • In worship of God as the supreme creator of our wonderful world.
  • Through reverence of God and His Son Jesus.
  • By announcing His stunning brilliance (glory).
  • By honoring him with everything I do.
  • By obeying His Son King Jesus.

We seem a little reluctant to talk about how happy we are in our love of Jesus. Is that for mystics and weirdo’s?

Maybe it’s not just for kooks.

  • Doesn’t Jesus just rock my world?
  • Am I out of my mind at what Jesus is doing?
  • Am I crazy in love with Jesus?
  • Am I stunned at His beauty and brilliance?

Let me spread the news. Let us join together to get the word out. Let’s do it together.