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I have something to shout about. I have family and friends that want the best for me. They really do. They have my best interests at heart. They truly love me.

I should listen to those who want the best for me last. They should always have the last word. What they say is worthy of a glad shout.

Shout it out I say! Hallelujah!

But those who want the best for me, let them have the last word — a glad shout! — and say, over and over and over, “God is great — everything works together for good for his servant.” I’ll tell the world how great and good you are, I’ll shout Hallelujah all day, every day. | Psalm 35:27-28

What about my enemies? There are plenty of naysayers who only want to trip me up. As David says in verse 19: “Don’t let these liars, my enemies, have a party at my expense, those who hate me for no reason, winking and rolling their eyes. No good is going to come from that crowd.”

Here is the good news. God is great. Nothing is impossible with God. God is God. His power and might is unlimited. There are no boundaries with God. None at all. Now that is amazing. God has made His Son Jesus King of His country. Jesus wants to do mighty things in my life.

God is so great that everything works together for good for me. Really it does. I need to see Jesus and what He is doing and not my enemies that want to have a party at my expense.

What should be my reaction to to this news? I should tell everyone how good God is. I need to shout it out. I should tell everyone every day.