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I kind of grew up in the church, so to speak. It was a VERY Baptist church. Southern Baptist in the 50’s and 60’s. I was there almost every day. Visitation night, choir rehearsals, prayer service, youth nights, athletic leagues, scouts, etc.

They even gave me a key so I could unlock the church to let the others in. I was the first to arrive and the last to leave.

We had very strict rules. Really strict.

We didn’t smoke, dance or chew or hang out with those that do. 🙂

That was our not so funny moto.

We were serious about it though. We persecuted and shunned others as a regular course of our day. The RULES were to be enforced. No discussion.

Being young, I was enthusiastic about it all. I became a leader of the youth “rules” team, so to speak.

Then the late 60’s happened and our world seem to change. I wandered off for a while. Not too long though.

God had a plan. God intervened in my life through His amazing Son, Jesus the King.

Jesus showed me the hypocrisy of my ways. I was able, through the grace and mercy of God, to radically change my thoughts. I came to understand it is not about following “the rules”. It is about following Jesus.

Jesus is showing me the Way, as a disciple who learns. Daily!

My joy is that I get to tell others of the stunning love of God and the good news of His Son. I get to a part of the Jesus team and not the “rules” team.

How cool is that?