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I can’t claim I haven’t missed God’s goal for my life. None of us can. We are sinners. That is the truth. Some days we go merrily along fooling ourselves that we are “good people”. We are not.

To claim that we are good is just nonsense. But we like to think it. It is a foolish idea and it comes from the evil one. If I think I am good, I don’t have to change the way I am thinking. I don’t have to act differently. That is not the way of Jesus. Never was and never will be.

So what should we do? We need to admit we miss God’s goal. We shouldn’t hide it or cover it up. “Man up” as they would say. Own it. It is the truth.

Then … admit that Jesus paid the price. Change our way of thinking. Make a clean breast of the things that hold us down and back. Sweep it all out. That is the Way of Jesus.

Jesus won’t let us down. No way. He will change us. He will clean us up. He will be true to His word. Now that is some good news.

I need forgiveness. I have defied God. I have denied God. Jesus paid the price for my arrogance. Jesus forgives me and advocates for me before His Father and the final Judge.

Jesus cleans us up. A purge is needed. We need to be born differently. We need to become pure and sweet smelling. No more foul and debassing living. Sweet smelling. Purged.

Denying I haven’t missed God’s goal is making God out to be a liar. I can’t contradict God and get away with it. I can’t make God out to have lied.

I am not ignorant of God. I can’t make a claim that shows my ignorance. I know Jesus and so I know the truth. That is reality.

So I accept that God IS and Jesus is the evidence of God’s love. I am redeemed and made whole. I am a son of God. I am a heir to God’s riches.