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I must praise God. God is my heavenly Father. God is Father of my Master Jesus. Jesus is the anointed one, the Messiah.

God is the Father of all mercy. God brings healing counsel to me. God comes alongside of me when I go through hard times. It isn’t always clear what is going to happen but before I know it, I can get outside of myself because someone comes along who is also going through hard times so I can be there for them. I can be there for them just like God is there for me.

There are plenty of trials that come from following Jesus the Messiah. They pale in comparison to the good times of the healing comfort of Jesus. I get more than a full measure of that. That deserves a shout out. I’m jumping for joy at the goodness of God.

When I suffer for Jesus, it works out for my healing. It works out for my salvation. I am encouraged and have my boldness increase by how well God treats me. God works things out for my benefit. That spurs me on. I face forward and run the good race. I don’t flinch at all during adversity.

Endurance is the name of the game. I can endure hard times with the amazing power of the Holy Spirit. That makes for great joy in the good times.

I will make it. God has assured me. There is not doubt about that.