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There are a number of people who are considered important in our ecclesiastical communities and denominations.

Is God impressed with mere appearances?

NOPE! Not a bit. Since God isn’t impressed, I am following His lead on this.

How do I know?

They tell all us how great they are. Colleges attended. Advanced degrees. Books written. It is a long list of accomplishments establishing religious elite credentials.

They love the seats of honor at conferences. They love all the attention paid to what this world considers important. Should I be concerned about their reputation?

Can they add anything to message all of us have to share about the love and grace of King Jesus? That is the beauty of the internet. We get to simply proclaim the good news of Jesus with no “credentialed” interference. We get to tell the story of the love Jesus directly.

God has called us out of the world to be citizens of His country where Jesus is King. Our job is to be faithful to Jesus and His word given to us in the scripture. There is nothing to be added or taken away from that message.

So be it!