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Here is some great truth on a cold day.

The Lions Den

Ah yes, time for a fireside chat due to the tundra of North America. lol. Is this a big deal? Depends on you, but personally, I refuse to take my cues from the godless and alleged superior minds of infidel astrophysicists and television comedians. True science has always laid by the wayside every form of Assumptions.

This will be so easy to tear to shreds, like a pack of wild hyenas snickering at the fresh meat, all vying for the choice cuts, but what does the heading have to do with 2019?  Let’s consider this through that wonderful lens and word ‘doctrine,’ as God has much to say about things out of our comfort zone,  but we greatly err if we neglect to hear what God has to say regarding the doctrine of science.

Doctrine is sound teaching that withstands every ground and aerial assault, and in return provides correct…

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