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I’ve tried to please God by keeping the rules and working my head off. Really, I’ve tried hard. Rule keeping is tough work, especially if you are Baptist.

There are rules to keep (don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t dance, etc.) and then there are rules interpreting the rules. The religious elites just keep piling them on.

It’s not just the Baptist though. Most denominations have developed lots of rules. The elites love keeping us down and keeping us from the freedom Jesus brings.

I had to quit being a “rule man” to become God’s man.

The Messiah Jesus shows me how. Jesus has enabled me. I don’t identify myself with religion and denominations. I identify myself completely with Jesus.

I have been crucified with Jesus. My rule following soul is dead. It isn’t about me and my ego. It is only about Jesus.

I don’t have to appeal to your sense of things to appear good and right in your eyes. It isn’t about keeping your rules. I don’t have to try to impress God any more. Jesus has impressed Him for me. Jesus lives in me.

It isn’t my life any more. The life I live in Jesus is by faith in the Son of God. Jesus loves me and gave himself up so I can live.

I can’t go back to the rule keeping. I am free in Jesus.