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The Background

I am fortunate to meet some amazing people on Twitter. I recently met Laura in a very protracted exchange with a bunch of mean and nasty atheists. Laura held her own and made many compelling points refuting their assertions and presenting the good news of Jesus. If you want to connect with Laura, here is her Twitter account @LauraFasulo

Here is Laura Fasulo’s Story in Her Own Words

Before I was born again, my life was seemingly crumbling apart. It seemed as if I had lost everything.

Image result for hurricane sandyMy home was destroyed in a hurricane, I had lost several family members, and my friends were seemingly stabbing me in the back left and right. I felt so alone. I started doubting God and eventually stopped believing in Him all together.

I would often think “How could a loving God possibly allow this to happen to me?”. I eventually stopped going to church and reading my Bible, and I decided to be the ruler of my own life. This only led me deeper and deeper into a spiraling pit of depression and difficult times.

I moved from home to home living with different people until my house was rebuilt, my sister was diagnosed with a disease that almost cost her life, and my parents grew further and further apart. For a certain period of time, I had to rely on Red Cross trucks that would drive by every once and a while for food.

Not only were things in my life getting worse, but I had abandoned God, so I truly believed I was alone. That’s when the suicidal thoughts started. I have lost count of all the times I hurt myself.

I was in so much emotional pain, that the only thing that seemed to alleviate it was physically pain. I carved my flesh so much I had to constantly cover up to hide the scars all over my body. I was withering away.

I was at my lowest point in life and I just wanted to die. I felt like I was just taking up oxygen by being alive. It was at this point, when I felt worthless, useless, and alone, that God called me home. He called out for me one night, leaving me in utter shock and fear.

Image result for lost sheepBut that fear soon turned to comfort as I was reminded in that moment of the parable of the lost sheep.  After everything I had been through, my heart was finally humbled, and God was calling me home.

I was His lost sheep, and He sought out for me. I was rebellious, and I deserved death. But God sent His only Son to die for ME! No matter all the rebellion and sin I committed, God was willing to cast that all on His Son and offer me forgiveness.

Who would turn down such an offer? I decided to repent of my sin, accept Jesus into my heart, and turn from my old ways. This was the greatest decision I have ever made in my life. Jesus changed the way I think and the way I acted.

I was a new person. My depression soon faded away and I began to live for Jesus. Of course I still have my struggles in life, but I have learned that God saves the hardest battles for His strongest warriors!

God continues to give me the strength and courage I need to live for Him and defend the faith! He is my Helper, my Refuge, and above all, my Father. I am precious to Him. God is my everything, and I couldn’t imagine how my life would have continued without Him in it!