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I am a disciple and student of Jesus. Students have tests to take. God will thoroughly test me. I want to know if I am qualified to be trusted with the good news message.

I am not after man’s approval. That is useless to me. I am after God’s approval. That is all that is important.

I’ve been through a bunch of tests already. The message is being refined. My mixed motives are being driven out. The hidden agendas are being eliminated. I’m moving onward and upward in the discipleship program.

 Jesus calls us all to maturity. I’m not there but I am committed to learn. 

It isn’t useful to use words to try to butter up people. Jesus is the Truth and I must proclaim Him as such. That makes some people angry.

My goal from God is to not use smoke screens. That is done to take advantage of people. The life of integrity, which is demanded by Jesus, is for my benefit. A clear message about Jesus is needed and called for.

God is good and in a good mood. God loves me and has my best interests in mind. It includes tests which can be challenging but are for my good.