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We start with saying that God is blessed. I know that He is stunning in His beauty. It is the right thing to do to give Him thanks for the great blessing that He is in all of our lives.

God is the Father of our Master, Jesus the Messiah. God is Spirit and Jesus is His incarnation to us. God is set up for our blessing in high places. God has always existed and way before He created the universe, God had us in mind. God knew that He would create us and make us the focus of His love. That is amazing.

God knew that through His Son, He would make us whole. But not only whole but holy. That is stunningly good news. 

God decided long ago that He would adopt us into His family. Imagine, I am a child of God and it has always been planned that way. It is no secret to God but a revelation to me.

God took great pleasure in planning this. God didn’t overlook a single detail. Every molecule necessary to make it happen was put into place.

God is lavish in His gift-giving. We must celebrate like we have never celebrated before. God did this all through Jesus, the Son of God and anointed King of God’s country.