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God has been speaking to us for a very long time. We can go all the way back to the prophets. Remember “Thus says the Lord”. They brought it to us all the time. It is amazing to go back and read them. What power and glory they reveal.

God has used all kinds of ways to get His word to us. Many times, besides the prophets, it has been directly. He has spoken to men and women of God. They heard Him. They recorded His word. We can read them. They have been preserved for us. Now that is some good news.

Finally, God sent His Son Jesus, the Messiah, to speak with us directly. And, my oh my, what a message He brought. Direct. Clear. Unequivocal. Stunning. Life giving. Authoritative. The VERY Word of God, the eternal one.

This is the word of the eternal God. Jesus was there at the beginning. God created the world in the beginning, through Jesus. It will all belong to Jesus at the end. Jesus offers us eternal life.

Jesus perfectly mirrors God. Jesus is the exact image and has the exact character of God. Jesus is stamped with God’s very nature and all His attributes.

Jesus holds everything together by what He says. Those are very powerful words. I stand amazed at the stunning power of the words of Jesus.