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I am God

I am God

God is God. His character and His attributes have always existed. God is eternal. God IS!

God does things that don’t make sense to us. We don’t understand God. We don’t know His plan. We are befuddled many days by what is going on. God is a mystery to us. We see dimly as if looking at a foggy mirror. We can see the shape of things but not clearly.

We clearly wouldn’t do very much the way God does. Our thoughts and ideas are steeped in our selfish core. We want things our way. We aren’t thinking like God at all.

God doesn’t need our permission or approval. We think He does but that is a lie from Satan. God will do what He wants. God’s way is perfect.

How God does things pleases Himself. That is tough for us to get a handle on. God isn’t in the business of bending to do what we want.

Jesus challenges us to understand God, what God wants to do and accept God’s way.

Jesus says:

“Yes, Father, it pleased you to do it this way.” ~Jesus

Luke 10