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People come in and out of my life. I participate in ministries that focus on the outcasts.

I need to hang out with the “wrong people” more.

Jesus was criticized for hanging out with “tax collectors and sinners”. These were the lowest of low. They were prostitutes and what we might know as druggies. Sinners all. They clearly have missed God’s goal for their life. Homeless, prostitutes, poor, demented demonics and worse.

Will I be “a friend” and proclaim the good news of Jesus to them? Will I help them become disciples of Jesus? When they do, will I go to bat for them with fellow followers of Jesus? Will I put my reputation on the line for their redeemed souls?

People come and go. They get sent for discipleship to a safe place. When they go back, who will I send them back to?

Who will care for them?

Who will nurture them in the way of Jesus?

I’ve seen it happen. We send them back home and nobody takes care of them. They drift away. They go back to their sinful lives. Not all, but some do.

I need to find good places for them to go back to.