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Let’s look at God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They are completely holy and set apart from the nonsense of our rebellion. So are we helping them out by making them look good? Why blame me if everyone else is missing God’s goals?

Everything God says and does is good. God is good and in a good mood. I’m rebellious and can’t be trusted. I’m no different than anyone else. Why pick on me?

There is a whole lot of wrongdoing going on out there. I miss God’s goal. You miss God’s goal. Everyone does. Multiply that by 7 billion people and it adds up. I can see the problem.

The truth is that God isn’t picking on me. God is picking on sin (the chronic problem I have missing God’s goal). Missing God’s goal is the problem.

It’s simply perverse to say, “If my lies serve to show off God’s truth all the more gloriously, why blame me? I’m doing God a favor.” Some people are actually trying to put such words in my mouth, claiming that I go around saying, “The more evil we do, the more good God does, so let’s just do it!” That’s pure slander, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

So … God has straightened that all out. Jesus, His Son, came to fix it all. He did. He died for me and paid the price. He was raised from the dead and defeated death. He ascended into heaven and rules God’s country sitting at the right hand of God.

I’m a sinner (i.e., I miss God’s goal for my life). God has provided me mercy and God has given me a gift of eternal life. That is the good news. Thank you Jesus!