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Jesus Knows

God is gracious and kind to us. He gives wisdom and knowledge. It is lack turning on the faucet. Once it starts flowing in me, it just keeps on going. It refreshes me and all those around me.

I must be careful though. I can be foolish. It happens way too frequently.

I am embarrassed. I say things that are just plain prideful, wanting to be right and correct. I become a leaky faucet, dripping nonsense. Being right can shut down compassion and love.

YIKES! No one likes or benefits from that.

“Knowledge flows like spring water from the wise; fools are leaky faucets, dripping nonsense.” ~King Solomon | Proverbs 15:2 (The Message Bible)

The good news is that God gives me the power of the Holy Spirit in my life. The fruit of the Spirit is growing in my life. I am seeing more of joy, love, peace, kindness, meekness, goodness, faithfulness, hope, self-control, justice, patience, and gentleness.

Thanks be to God and His mighty Son Jesus, the anointed King (Messiah).