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I am tested. I am challenged. That is normal for someone who is a learner (disciple) of Jesus. The challenges come at me from all sides.

Do I consider tests and challenges to be a gift from God?

God’s goal for me is to grow. I won’t mature if I don’t learn. Learning involves tests and challenges. I shouldn’t be surprised at all with these things.

Under the pressure of these challenges, my faith-life is forced into the open. There is no hiding. My nature shows it’s true colors. That can be unpleasant but it is instructive. And so, challenges are a gift from God.

It is wrong to not let them run their course. I shouldn’t try to wiggle out of them prematurely. I must let the tests do their work so I fully mature and become well-developed. All deficiencies must be dealt with completely.

Most of the time I don’t have a clue what to do. That forces me into the arms of God to ask for help. God is in a good mood and He loves to help. I do get His help and He always listens.

If anything, I need to be more bold in what I ask God. I need to have faith and believe in His timing. Abraham had faith. Abraham waited a long time for his son to be born. Abraham shows me the way to faith. I can’t have any second thoughts. God’s will is going to be done.

I must not “worry my prayers”. That is not faith. Jesus challenges me to not be anxious about anything. It is all about God and what God wants. Worried prayer just whips me around like the waves in the ocean. I won’t get anything from my Master Jesus with worried prayer. I will simple be adrift at sea, keeping all my options open.