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Our God is stunning and amazing! That is the truth. I know it. We all know it. It is clear and it is evident.

I am fortunate to have God in my life. God is a Father. He is the Father of Jesus and He is my heavenly Father.

I have a new life in Jesus. Jesus was raised from the dead. That gives me a new life. How amazing is that?

I have everything to live for. I have life here and now and I have a future in heaven. The future, with Jesus, starts now. It isn’t far, far away. It is here and now.

God is watching over me. God is in a good mood. God cares about now and God cares about the future. It is a complete package. One day the package will be complete. That is something to wait for. Everything will be whole. Nothing partial or incomplete.

There are a lot of aggravations is life. Not everything is perfect right now. I struggle. We all do. But there is hope. We are a people of hope. We are confident in God. He is going to make it all work out.

I think of how gold is refined. It goes through fire to become pure. I’ve seen glass blowers do their job. I takes a lot of heat and fire to make a beautiful vase. I am like that. God is purifying me. My faith takes me through the suffering to proved genuine.

When Jesus wraps this all up, it is my faith, proven by the fire, that will see me through. That will be evidence of His victory.

I have never physically seen Jesus. Yet I love Him. I have visions of what it will be like when I do. I see Him smiling and welcoming me to the great place of eternal life. It is a place of laugher. It is place of singing. It is a place of joy. 

I have to trust Jesus. Because I keep on believing, I’ll get what I’m looking forward to: total salvation.