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This is a stunning insight from Solomon. God’s goal for us is that we work. Work is Godly. Work is important. We are not to be lazy. We need to learn how to work and to work hard.

God has a goal for us. Sin is missing God’s goal. There is good news. God has given me a new life in Jesus. I can work and I can work hard. That is the real deal.

The work He has given us is good and noble. I am working for God. I am passionate about working for God.

If we won’t work, there are consequences.

  • Our life will collapse.
  • We will go hungry.
  • Nothing good comes from being lazy.

Let’s get with it. There is a huge harvest out there for Jesus and we need more workers.

“Life collapses on loafers; lazybones go hungry.” ~King Solomon (Proverbs 19:15 The Message)