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Grief and Horror

Grief and Horror

She is 12 years old. She got sick. She died.

Everyone is beside themselves in grief and horror. You don’t expect to bury your children. It’s just not right. What kind of God allows that to happen?

Jesus arrives on the scene at the request of the father. The father believed in Jesus.

When he goes in to the room where her dead body is lying, Jesus says very little other than “Little girl, get up”. At that, she was up and walking around! They were all beside themselves with joy. Amazed. Stunned. Ecstatic.

This is stunning. This is the power of God in Jesus. We have the same Holy Spirit in us. May I live my life knowing of this stunning power.

“Little girl, get up.” ~Jesus to a dead 12 year old girl (Mark 5:40-43 The Message Bible)