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Heart, dedicated, caring and committed

Heart, dedicated, caring and committed

Jesus challenges us to have our heart in the right place with God and everyone else. It is all about our relationships.

Just saying the right thing will not make a difference. Jesus demands that our heart be in it. Jesus knows that if our heart is in it, the results will come.

It isn’t the “big show” we make of saying things. Do we do the right God-things? Is our heart in it even if no one knows about what we do?

Another challenge is just going through the motions. We pray but is rote and meaningless. We’re just saying the words. We read the scripture but it doesn’t speak to us. We go to church and stand at the right times but are emotionally detached from our brothers and sisters in Jesus.

Emotion flows from the heart. Joy is a big deal. Jesus brings joy into our lives. Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.

God’s goal for us is for us to guard our heart. Everything starts with our heart. God wants men and women of God who have a heart for Jesus.

May my heart be in it every day!!

“These people make a big show of saying the right thing, but their heart isn’t in it.” ~Jesus (Mark 7:6)