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Wait patiently for the Lord

Wait patiently for the Lord

We are always, and I mean always, in such a hurry these days. Our culture is on hyperdrive.

We want it and we want it now. My dad has always said “Patience is a virtue.” And it is.

My dad (and my heavenly Dad) are right.

What is the promise to us. Waiting patiently for the Lord means that He is more inclined to listen to us. And God will hear our cry. He really will.

We can count on that. It is a solid promise from God.

God’s goal for us is to be patient. God is God. He will incline to us at the right time and hear us.

God will not abandon us at all. He loves us.

So here you go. Three simple steps.

God is in a good mood.

I waited patiently for the Lord;
he inclined to me
and heard my cry.
Psalms 40:1