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Listen to God - 01Jesus is whispering. He is talking. He is shouting!

Jesus has some amazing things to say.

In what I read. In what I hear in my heart. I have ears. I can hear.

Jesus’ point is that just because you have ears doesn’t mean you will listen and hear. We all know that. Jesus makes it clear that He knows it as well. The key is a spirit to listen to God. And having listened, to act on what God wants us to do.

There are also things He is not saying. Am I asking questions about things He has nothing to say? Am I focused on what He is saying or not saying?

God has a goal for us today. It requires that we listen to Jesus. He is in control.

Then Jesus said, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” ~Jesus | Mark 4:9

May I listen to His word.

May I hear what He is saying to me today.

If we look at a literal translation, it might read:  And he was saying, “[The person] who has ears to hear [with] had better hear!”

Jesus started with a direct command to his audience that they listen to this parable: “You [plural]—hear!”

Now he both individualizes the command (“who has” [singular]) and makes it indirect (“who has” [rather than “You”]) to include anyone outside as well as inside his immediate audience, so that anyone in the audience of Mark’s Gospel is included, for instance.

Such a person is supposed to put his ears to good use by listening to the parable, which in 4:13–20 Jesus will interpret as a parable about different kinds of hearing. Having ears to hear with doesn’t imply there are people without ears. It only emphasizes the usefulness of ears for hearing.