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God knows. God cares.

God knows. God cares.

God knows how to do surgery. He can bring about internal purification. I can trust Him. He is good, all the time.

God knows me. I’m not fooling Him. There is no hiding with God. It is all out in the open. No point lying to myself and others.

  • Is God first in my life?
  • Is He second in my life?
  • Is He third?

Jesus wants to be my only priority. Jesus wants to the one and only. Jesus wants me to pick up my cross and follow Him. Jesus wants me to count the cost and be prepared to pay it.

What does Jesus want? He wants me and my complete life.

Not only does God know how but God cares. He loves us and paid for our redemption with the blood of His only Son. Jesus brings us good news. God is in a good mood.

I need more of that and only that. I can pay that price. He gives me strength.