Heart, dedicated, caring and committed

Heart, dedicated, caring and committed

My life starts with my heart. That is the center of everything. Nothing else matters so I need to be vigilant over it.

I should guard it like I guard nothing else. Since everything flows from my heart, I need to be careful not speak out of both sides of my mouth. I should completely avoid careless banter that can hurt others and me.

Little white lies hurt my integrity and I need to avoid them at all cost. Gossip hurts others and so it damages my heart.

So … I should keep my eyes straight ahead and completely ignore distractions which take me away from you, my Father. If I watch my step and focus on what you want, the road will be smooth. It will straighten out in front of me.

If I focus on my relationship with God, looking only at God, I will leave evil in the dust.

God’s goal for me is for me to be true to my heart.