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King Jesus

Jesus is King

This article (via His Resurrection Destiny | My Utmost For His Highest), from Oswald Chambers, says it all. Jesus and His Father are so pleased to give us life. And not just any kind of life. The life and power of the risen Master, Jesus the Messiah.

God is great: So great he sent His Son to us so we can live a resurrected life. So great to deliver us from missing God’s goal [aka sin]. Nothing is impossible with God.

Ought not the Messiah to have suffered these things and to enter into His glory? —Luke 24:26

Consider this: Now it is amazing that Jesus is living in the glory of God, our Father. Oh to see the glory of God. Jesus has always and now does again. Jesus suffered but was resurrected into an incorruptible body. He ascended to heaven, to the glory of God.

Now this from Oswald Chambers:

Oswald Chambers

via His Resurrection Destiny | My Utmost For His Highest.