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I was a dupe of sin. I missed God’s goal for my life and needed to be delivered from the grip of that vicious cycle.

I was stubborn, refusing to believe Jesus. I went around with a chip on my shoulder. But this is the season of reminder. God, my kind and loving Savior God, stepped in.

Jesus saved me from a life of hatred. He saved me from a life of selfishness. He stepped right in!!

It was completely His doing. I had absolutely nothing to do with it. He gave me a good bath and I came out a totally clean man. I was washed on the inside. I was washed on the outside. Clean inside and out!!

My Savior Jesus poured out a whole new life for me. It is a generous life. It is a gift of right relationship with my Father. He has given me back my life. AND, woo hoo, there is more to come. An eternity of the glorious life. I can count on it. If is a fact Jack!!

So … I am putting my foot down. I really am. I am taking a firm stand on all of this.

  • I am putting my trust in God and concentrating on the essentials that are good for me.
  • I am staying completely away from mindless issues and the fine print. It gets me nowhere.
  • I am radically trusting in Jesus. The HOLY Spirit that raised Him from the dead is in me. And with me.

I am putting my foot down.