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What does it mean that “some doubted”? Tim Chaffey offers some insight. Tim is the content manager for the Attractions Division at Answers in Genesis, which means that he is responsible for developing the content for the exhibits at the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. He spent five years as a pastor and associate pastor, in which he taught youth ministry, adult Sunday School, and a weekly theology class in addition to regular preaching duties. He has also taught high school Bible and science classes for six years.

Matthew 28:17 includes a confusing phrase that has led to some controversy. During Christ’s post-Resurrection appearance on a hillside in Galilee, some of His disciples worshiped Him, “but some doubted.” Some critical scholars have used these three words to support their idea that the disciples were only experiencing a vision. Some Christian apologists have claimed that these three words prove it is wrong to use evidence for the Resurrection in witnessing to unbelievers, even claiming that it would be sinful to do so. Still other Christian apologists use this phrase as evidence for the authenticity of the New Testament, because they believe Matthew included an embarrassing detail about some disciples not believing in Jesus even though He was right in front of them (Geisler and Turek, pp. 276–277).

What are we to make of these claims? How could people who knew Jesus had died on the Cross possibly not believe that He had risen from the dead when He was standing right in front of them?

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