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Jesus is noticeably clear and straightforward about giving to the poor. I do not know why it stumps so many “Christians”, the government and homeless nonprofits, but it does.

I get lots of pushback from disciples of Jesus on giving money directly to the poor. They might spend it on alcohol or drugs we are told.

What do you do if walking down the street or driving your car and someone asks you for money? Do you give? If not, why not? Jesus said to “Give to everyone”. Seems clear to me. I do not I am missing anything here.

Jesus says give!

Give to everyone who begs from you; and if anyone takes away your goods, do not ask for them again.

~Jesus | Luke 6:30

Want to know everything Jesus had to say about the homeless, wealth, prosperity, poverty, riches, the poor, the needy and giving? Read here!


There is a lot of confusion among the followers of Jesus about much of this. When you read it all, you will get a sense of the mind of Jesus. My suggestion is to read through this more than once. You may want to read it once a week for a while. What Jesus tells us needs to be thoroughly absorbed. This is foundational to the radical world Jesus wants us to be a part of.

One question to seriously ask is “Did Jesus really mean all of this?”

The second question that follows is “Knowing what I now know, what should I do?”