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There comes a point where we know enough to move forward. We need “to ship” the product and move on. Is it about more learning or about more doing?

School’s out. We need to quit studying the subject and start living it!

We have a great challenge from Jesus. We know we are to love God. We know we are to love our neighbors. My job is to start living that out every day. It is enough.

Therefore, as you received the Messiah Jesus the Master, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.

English Standard Version. (2016). (Colossians 2:6–7). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles.

The tree: Rooted is an agricultural word. The tense of the Greek word means “once and for all having been rooted.”

  • Disciples of Jesus are not to be tumbleweeds that have no roots and are blown about by “every wind of doctrine”.
  • Nor are they to be “transplants” that are repeatedly moved from soil to soil.
  • Once we are rooted by faith in Jesus, there is no need to change the soil!
  • The roots draw up the nourishment so that the tree can grow. The roots also give strength and stability.

The building: Built up is an architectural term. It is in the present tense: “being built up.” When we trust the Messiah to save us, we are put on the foundation; from then on, we grow in grace. The word edify that is found often in Paul’s letters simply means “to build up.” To make spiritual progress means to keep adding to the temple to the glory of God.

The school: It is the Word of God that builds and strengthens us. Epaphras had faithfully taught the Colossian believers the truth of the Word.

  • But the false teachers were undermining that doctrine.
  • Today, disciples of Jesus who study the Word become established in the faith.
  • Satan has a difficult time deceiving the Bible-taught believer.

The river: The word abounding is often used by Paul. It suggests the picture of a river overflowing its banks.

  • Our first experience in the Master is that of drinking the water of life by faith, and He puts within us an artesian well of living water.
  • But that artesian well should become a “river of living water” that grows deeper and deeper.
  • The image of the river flowing from the sanctuary getting deeper as it flows, probably is what Paul had in mind.
  • Sad to say, many of us are making no progress—our lives are shallow trickles instead of mighty rivers.

By reviewing these pictures of spiritual progress, we see how the growing disciple can easily defeat the enemy and not be led astray. If his spiritual roots are deep in Jesus, he will not want any other soil.

And so, we can say: School’s out. We need to quit studying the subject and start living it!