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I am compelled, by Jesus our Master, to drop everything that takes me away from talking and writing about the good news of life of salvation. We all must share this in common. We all must live it together.

It is such an amazing gift from Jesus. I don’t deserve it, but I must fight for it. There are those, and there are many, who don’t believe it is a gift. They have slyly infiltrated the ranks of the followers of Jesus, pretending to be Christians but putting Jesus in charge is not what they are about. Not by any means.

They believe a lie that is insidious. It is not spiritual. It is moral relativism. They seek, through kindness to all kinds of Christians and churches, to lead us astray.

  • Do they tell us that Jesus is the Messiah, the Master, the one who is in control?
  • Is that the message?
  • Is that the filter that is used for life?
  • No, many times it is not.

God is God. God has put Jesus in charge. We must follow, faithfully follow, the radical way of Jesus. His manifesto is our life blood. We are obsessed by it. We must commit to it in a radical way. It will offend others, but our intent is out of pure love for Jesus. Jesus warns us we will be persecuted for proclaiming his pure message.

Jesus is in charge and that is the truth that sets us all free. That is the test for the good news message.

I am compelled to drop everything that takes me away from the good news. I am compelled to obsess about Jesus.