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Image result for help is on the way Hope is a big deal. Faith is essential. These are important foundations in the Kingdom of God. With King David, we get a sense of how this can all come together in the new contract (aka covenant) with Jesus. David has hoped an answer is on the way. David has faith everything is going to work out.  

That clinches it—help’s coming, an answer’s on the way, everything’s going to work out.” ~King David

Source: Psalm 20:6

King David had seen some tough times. He might see some more. My challenges probably aren’t close to what he went through as the King of Israel sought to kill him and his men. But David had a heart after God. King David shows us the way to Jesus.  

King David knows help is coming. Not only help but an answer. The answer is that everything is going work out.  

Some days we really wondering if help is going to come our way. The illnesses we have are getting worse. The money is not coming in the door. The savings account is getting depleted. The answer we hear is the same one David heard.  

God is good: It is all going to work out. We do not know how it will work out but neither did David.  

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