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Everett Wilson (my dad) and I. I think we may have been at Aunt Gladys’ house in their front yard.

I must smile at the bow tie.

I do not like bow ties. They look silly. The only people I know that wear them are lawyers. That says it all.

I have noticed my dad is not wearing one. I never knew him to do so. Never ever.

I never asked him why. I guess I should have.

I am thinking my dear sweet mother thought it was a clever idea. I do not have any other photos of me wearing one so it must have been a passing fad.

What is the point of all this?

Sometimes, many times, we do things we do not like.

  • We learn from the exercise.
  • We grow from it.
  • We mature.
  • We discover.

How does this tie into our Christian faith?

  • Love Others. … particularly our parents.
  • Be Humble. … God shows us how.
  • Do the Right Thing. … respect authority.
  • Manage Conflict With Respect. … give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • Don’t Worry What People Think of You. … even if you have to wear a bow tie!

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