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God shows us how to choose leaders. These are the best principles to apply in all cases, particularly political. Our political leaders must have all these characteristics.

Here are the things to look for:

  1. Competence
  2. Faith in God
  3. Integrity
  4. Incorruptible

Moreover, look for able men from all the people, men who fear God, who are trustworthy and hate a bribe, and place such men over the people as chiefs of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties, and of tens.[1]

Exodus 18:21

We live in an extremely materialist culture. Money has become an idol, and much is measured by how much of it we have. I get sucked into this. It isn’t pretty. I like my stuff and I want more of it. I love having money to get it all. I am covetous. I am not content with what I have.

We have good news! Want to know how to be saved? Click here or here for more.

There is good news. Jesus sets me free from all of this. I have victory in Him.

  • Wanting to be rich describes a person who must have more and more material things in order to be happy and feel successful.
  • But riches are a trap; they lead to bondage, not freedom. Instead of giving satisfaction, riches create additional lusts (desires); and these must be satisfied. Instead of providing help and health, an excess of material things hurts and wounds.
  • The result Paul described very vividly: “Harmful desires … plunge men into ruin and destruction”.
  • It is the picture of a man drowning! He trusted his wealth and “sailed along,” but the storm came, and he sank.

It is a dangerous thing to use leadership as a cover-up for acquiring wealth. God’s laborer is certainly worthy of his hire, but his motive for laboring must not be money. That would make him a “hireling,” and not a true shepherd. We should not ask, “How much will I get?” but rather “How much can I give?”

  • 1 Timothy 6:9–10 —But those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge men into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.
  • Hebrews 13:5 —Make sure that your character is free from the love of money, being content with what you have; for He Himself has said, “I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you,”
  • Proverbs 10:2 —Ill-gotten gains do not profit, But righteousness delivers from death.
  • Proverbs 22:16 —He who oppresses the poor to make more for himself Or who gives to the rich, will only come to poverty.
  • Proverbs 28:20 —A faithful man will abound with blessings, But he who makes haste to be rich will not go unpunished.
  • Proverbs 28:22 —A man with an evil eye hastens after wealth And does not know that want will come upon him.
  • Proverbs 30:8–9 —Keep deception and lies far from me, Give me neither poverty nor riches; Feed me with the food that is my portion, That I not be full and deny You and say, “Who is the Master?” Or that I not be in want and steal, And profane the name of my God.

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[1] The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2016). (Ex 18:21). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles.